First wave of internet-connected clothing has been delivered

Next Big News article By The Associated Press The first wave of wearable devices from Apple and Google to be introduced in the U.S. are set to begin shipping this summer.

The products, which are expected to include a variety of devices from underwear to eyeglasses, will replace the old-fashioned clothing that often remains behind a counter in stores, said Tim Dube, a vice president at the online news publication Next Big.

Dube said the products could be the first wave to make its way to homes.

Some will be wearable, but the vast majority will be smartwatches and other devices that can monitor a person’s health and mood, he said.

Dubesaid that some retailers may not even want to carry them because they might feel uncomfortable carrying a large purse, shirt and shoes on their own.

He said he doesn’t expect many retailers will stock them because of the high price tag.

Dubs shoes at The Shoesmiths on Sunday in downtown Spokane.

(AP photo)Dube expects a handful of online retailers, including The Shoessmiths, to start selling them, along with online retailers such as Amazon and the Amazon app.

Some retail sites have already launched the products, including Walmart, Macy’s and Kohl’s.

The first wave will be shipped in late summer, he added.

The products will have a lifespan of at least three years and be fully compatible with smartwears and other wearables, he estimated.

The new products will be available at retail and online retailers in June and will be priced around $350 to $400.

They will include a heart rate monitor, a wearable camera that tracks the wearer’s movements, a motion detector that measures the wearer breathing, an accelerometer that monitors how far the wearer can walk, and a heart monitor that sends data to the phone.

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