A day in the life of an Australian journalist

A day of work, a long day of writing, a weekend spent on the beach.It’s all part of the job.A freelance journalist for the Australian newspaper and online outlet Polygon has been in New Zealand since March, and he has been there since October.He is part of a team of more than 300 journalists workingRead More

Why is Kansas City police still fighting a $1 million lawsuit?

After a judge ruled in a Kansas City newspaper’s favor in its $1.1 million defamation lawsuit against a former police officer, a city police department that is facing the same lawsuit has been ordered to pay the officer’s legal fees.A judge Tuesday dismissed the lawsuit by Joseph C. Bresnahan, a former officer and police commanderRead More

New Zealand’s ‘blessed’ bathers welcome ‘a miracle’

New Zealanders are celebrating their “blessing” when they’re able to experience the country’s unique wildlife.Key points: New Zealand is a country with a population of just over 5 million, which is the largest in the worldThe New Zealand government is offering to provide a gift to the lucky batherThis has been a rare occurrence forRead More

What you need to know about the Zika virus

There are no current cases of Zika virus in the United States, and no confirmed cases have been reported in travelers from Latin America, Australia, or the Caribbean, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.The virus is spread by mosquito bites.But experts say the potential for new infections is still very real.There areRead More

What is a ‘death’ and why does it count?

What is the difference between a death and a permanent injury?The difference between death and injury can be found in terms of the criteria for determining which are considered to be permanent and which are not.The definition of permanent injury is found in Article 13 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC)Read More

The Biggest New Jersey City News Story of 2017

The biggest news story of 2017: The Big Apple is finally getting a new mayor.And, oh yeah, it’s all happening in Madison WI, Wisconsin.The Big Apple has long been a hub for people moving to New Jersey, as a place to shop, and work.And with more than 2 million residents, Madison is the third-largest cityRead More

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