Which countries are most prone to political unrest?

The following countries are among the most prone countries to political violence: Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, Egypt, Nigeria, Turkey, Belarus, Armenia, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Belarus and Tajik Republic.A handful of the countries were in the top 10 for violence in 2014, but only six have been in the 100-point list this year.A country that has recently seenRead More

When does Kentucky Newspapers stop using the word ‘liberal’?

On February 7, the Kentucky Gazette-Leader reported that Kentucky newspapers had stopped using the term “liberal” to describe their coverage.“The term is now the most popular term among Kentucky newspapers,” the newspaper’s news editor wrote, “and is used more than any other in the newspaper business.”On February 10, The Kentucky Journal-Constitution published a similar storyRead More

How to spot a fake sportsbook

in the Irish newspaper article A sportsbook with fake sports betting odds is a big deal.It has been a thorny issue for many Irish sportsbook owners and their customers, and the problem is compounded by the fact that it’s difficult to trace a source for any of the money betted on sports events. It also makesRead More

First wave of internet-connected clothing has been delivered

Next Big News article By The Associated Press The first wave of wearable devices from Apple and Google to be introduced in the U.S. are set to begin shipping this summer.The products, which are expected to include a variety of devices from underwear to eyeglasses, will replace the old-fashioned clothing that often remains behind aRead More

What’s the difference between an eagle and a tiger?

The National Geographic blog posted an article on Tuesday highlighting the differences between a lion, a tiger, an eagle, and an elephant.In an article titled “An eagle and an African lion?,” National Geographic wrote that an eagle is “an apex predator” while a lion is “a species of bird that has been evolving for tensRead More

What’s going on with the Zika virus outbreak?

The United States, Mexico, Guatemala and Costa Rica are on alert for a spike in new cases of the Zika infection after a recent spike in cases in countries across the Americas, according to officials.In the United States and Mexico, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and Centers for Disease Control andRead More

Which country is the most popular to visit?

The most popular destination to visit in Germany is no longer just a matter of whether you’re in a major city or a village, says a study by the country’s largest newspaper.The paper’s new survey finds that people are increasingly coming to the country for a second time after visiting it once or twice aRead More

Why do you think Kentuckians will vote for Donald Trump?

The state’s largest newspaper, the Kentuckian, has just announced its 2016 Presidential Primary election results.The paper had already announced its results last month, with the winner, Donald Trump, taking the presidency.The results come just days before the Kentucky Presidential Primary on June 15.The news comes after a recent poll by Quinnipiac University found Trump wasRead More

When did America’s war with Russia begin?

The history of American foreign policy, from the Civil War to the Cold War, is littered with episodes of America’s aggression.And yet, the history of this country’s relationship with Russia, especially in the past three decades, has often been shrouded in mystery and uncertainty.The U.S. has always been deeply troubled by the conduct of itsRead More

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