First wave of internet-connected clothing has been delivered

Next Big News article By The Associated Press The first wave of wearable devices from Apple and Google to be introduced in the U.S. are set to begin shipping this summer.The products, which are expected to include a variety of devices from underwear to eyeglasses, will replace the old-fashioned clothing that often remains behind aRead More

How to write the perfect Twitter profile

I’ve been trying to write a better profile picture ever since I was 10 years old, when I started working at the local newspaper in Perth, Australia.I’d been reading every profile photo I could find on the internet, and I’d decided I’d have to make a personalised one, based on my interests and interests inRead More

Why are people boycotting Facebook?

A year after its launch, Facebook has come under fire from some for what some see as a lack of transparency around how it manages its ads.Al Jazeera’s David Rundle, reporting from Beijing, says Facebook’s new ad policy is a major concern for online publishers.

How to read a Kenya Newspapers Front Page

Kenyans newspaper front page is the best way to understand how the papers are covering news in Kenya.The front page gives a glimpse into the newspaper’s news coverage and often reveals how much they are paid.It is a daily reminder of what is happening in the country.Here is a look at the front pages ofRead More

How we got to the ‘Internet age’

In the early 1990s, the Internet was a fringe technology that had a relatively limited market.But now, with the advent of ubiquitous devices and a growing number of online services, it’s become a very significant part of the American economy.The National Bureau of Economic Research estimated in 2008 that Americans spent $1.2 trillion online eachRead More

How can we learn to love ourselves online?

Online newspaper asked people to share their best advice on how to become happier online.The article also features the first-ever video tutorial for the new book, Happiness and the Art of Loving’s chief digital officer, Andrew Mearns, said online happiness was a subject he had been interested in for a long time, andRead More

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